The story of the men of Sir Ernest Shackleton’s ship S.Y. Endurance


The following pages are dedicated to the members of the 1914/1916 Imperial Trans-Antarctic Expedition. Generally considered to be the most epic journey of polar survival ever made. My reasons for doing the Obituaries are quite simple.

Having read a number of books and articles about the expedition, I began noticing numerous inconsistencies. Names differed, ages, nationalities etc. This is my own attempt to try to set the record straight in the hope that it will provide those interested in the subject with an accurate source of reference for future research.

My research is ongoing and these pages will be updated as and when necessary.

I was the first person to have researched the lives of all these men in such detail and to have accurately shown each expedition member’s :

Full Name, Nickname(s), Duty, Nationality , Date of Birth, Place of Birth, Date of Death and Place of Death. The Obituaries Details pages tell a little of the lives of each member of the expedition before , during and after the expedition.

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